Since the search term “Kartenlegen” is searched by Google at an above-average rate, it is necessary for Google AdWords to use a higher click budget. A few advertisers try to make a profit from such a high-yielding term, while highlighting your ad where the user is – right in the Google search engine.

In this post, as a professional adwords agency, you will receive valuable recommendations and useful tips on what we would initialize to produce a constructive advertising campaign for card reading.

“Kartenlegen” in comparison

The term “Kartenlegen” is mtl. 33,100 x looked up in the net. Compared to the top one thousand search queries, the keyword “card reading” is ranked 540 in the genre search queries. The competition is 94% in percentage terms, which gives the 82nd place in the ranking. However, the average CPC (mouse click price) that is currently around € 3.75 for card reading is also fascinating, compared to 71th place. If you are optimistic about your product / group / service range under the term “Kartenlegen”, then you have to plan an adwords investment per month of 124.125 € for the planned adwords advertisements, which results in 179th place in the budget comparison. If one observes all rankings, then lies “Kartenlegen”


The following graphic shows how the history of search queries has changed.

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Is the Google AdWords Ad Budget so high? As a professional adwords agency, we say that the recommended monthly budget is not always high, but honest. Because the money to be invested arises through supply and demand. If the requested CPC is not used by many advertisers, it will decrease after a while. That’s why the mouse click price (CPC for short) for “Kartenlegen” is an appropriate product price.
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Limited "coupon vouchers

If you are an expert, like our adwords agency, the search engine is Google is already famous for making it easier for potential new customers to enter high-yield online marketing. New customers, as well as primarily Google partners, are therefore issued various voucher models. As an experienced Google Partner, AdPoint GmbH receives monthly the most significant as well as the most current voucher offers from the search engine conglomerate.
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Your expert turbo agency starting from just 99 € [/ av_font_icon]

Forming, activating, and improving (Continuous Process) as an agency with expertise, we’re Google for your Keyword Placement keyword campaigns and are proud to have many references. Benefit from our qualification and our expertise. Starting at a price of 99.00 €, we can carry out a professionally realized advertisement for the keyword “Kartenlegen”, AdPoint GmbH offers you a comprehensive range of competencies, to the services .

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adwords Benefits

✓ Costs only arise when you click on your ad
✓ Your ad does not appear until someone searches for previously defined search terms
✓ Exact cost control by budgeting the campaigns
✓ Determining the maximum cost per click
✓ Properly applied, is it the most efficient form of advertising today
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AdPoint GmbH Benefits

✓ Meaningful and transparent analyzes
✓ Consultation and support by certified “Advertising Professionals”
✓ Full cost transparency
✓ Constant optimization of your campaign / Google AdWords account
✓ Our employees have direct contact with Google
✓ From 99 € per month very favorable entry
✓ Working according to the current Google guidelines
✓ Official Google Partner
✓ Optimal traffic control according to predefined destinations
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All around carefree offer

Customers of AdPoint GmbH for “Kartenlegen” are allowed to decide for themselves how they want to be integrated into decision-making. The majority of our customers are satisfied with the evaluation of the campaigns, few have special evaluation needs, which of course we meet. The current online marketing is very individual, advertising with the help of Google AdWords is more specific and as a professional adwords agency we want to ensure you as a customer a complete carefree service on all emerging questions about your Google AdWords. AdPoint GmbH is working for you throughout Germany, for example in Bottrop or Esslingen am Neckar . We are happy to advise you and answer your questions.