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The search query „DSL“ is started regularly in Google and requires a higher account budget for Google AdWords. Various companies try to capitalize on such an interesting term by offering their products visibly where the users are – directly in the search engine Google.

In this post, as an officially certified Google agency, you will learn from us valuable advice and practical tips on what we would do to create a high-performance campaign for „DSL“.

„DSL“ in comparison

The term „DSL“ is mtl. Searched by people 40,500 times in the search engine Google. Compared to the top one thousand searches, the keyword „DSL“ is ranked 466 in the genre search queries. The competition is 88% in percentage terms, which brings the 230th place in the ranking. Interestingly, however, is always the price per click (CPC) is at „DSL“ at about 4.45 €, in the overall ranking you have achieved the 44th place. If your goal is to position yourself very well with your product range / group / employment under the term „DSL“, then you should use a mtl. Advertising investment of € 180,225 for the planned adwords count, resulting in the overall budget ranking 118th place. Taking into account all areas of placements, so is „DSL“


The following figure shows how the search queries on the WWW have changed in the past.

Budget AdWords

How is it that the ad budget for Google AdWords is so big? As a certified adwords agency, we say that the budget is not the same as high, but rather adequate. Because the final cost of a click on the Internet on his adwords ads are formed by the principle of „supply and demand“. Consequently, if a number of companies were not prepared to pay the required price per click (CPC for short), this would decrease. Thus, the click through price (CPC) for „DSL“ is a suitable price.

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Exclusive voucher

In specialist circles, such as us as an official partner, the search engine giant Google is already known for making it easier for potential new customers to enter professional online marketing. For it different high coupon types are offered to new customers and above all Google partners. As a certified Google Partner, AdPoint GmbH receives the most valuable and up-to-date voucher offers from the search engine giant every month. Rightly this should only be a help for the first steps.

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Advertising is not available for free

Of course, we also regularly invest in the current advertising offers of the WWW from the AdPoint GmbH. Like any company, we understandably want to attract potential new customers. We confess that we are currently investing 10-18% in advertising for new customer acquisition. And even if we do not necessarily reach our new customers under the search term „DSL“, we logically know what levers have to be put in place to open the floodgates to new customers for you as a trader or responsible for your own marketing. Investing money in advertising is worthwhile for your company.

Your turbo agency already from 99 € a month

As an agency with expertise to create, activate and improve (regularly) Google for your Google AdWords campaigns for the term Dsl and have numerous awards and references. We are certified partner of the German middle class for the customer acquisition and the promotion of your product on the Internet thanks to Ads of adwords. Starting at a low price of 99 €, we can activate a professional advertising ad for the search term Dsl, We offer a wide range of expertise, to the services .

Benefits of adwords

  • ✓ Direct presence of your service or product
  • ✓ Your ad does not appear until someone searches for previously defined keywords
  • ✓ Properly applied, it is the most effective form of advertising in the world today
  • ✓ Mobile optimized ads
  • ✓ Pauseable, reducible or expandable at any time
  • ✓ Increasing (brand) awareness

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Advantages AdPoint GmbH

  • ✓ Consulting and support by certified „Advertising Professionals“
  • ✓ From 99 € a month very cheap entry
  • ✓ Full cost transparency
  • ✓ Regular evaluations and consultations possible
  • ✓ Direct personal and certified contact person with fast reaction times

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Our carefree package

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To what extent do you want to be involved as a customer of AdPoint GmbH for „DSL“ in decision-making, choose yourself . Diverse advertisers only want an overview of the most important key figures, but occasionally there are also customers who have considerable evaluation needs. We meet these with the help of, for example, additional evaluation appointments. Today’s online marketing is very individual, adwords advertising is even more specific, and as a Google Partners agency, we want to give our customers a worry-free service on all questions about your adwords ads. We are active throughout Germany, for example in Offenbach am Main . The team of AdPoint GmbH is looking forward to your call.

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